Key messages:

  • About 70% of eligible First Nations people are fully vaccinated as of Mar 14, 2022. This has not changed since Nov 2021.
  • New positive results are increasing among First Nations and across Ontario as of Mar 20, 2022. Underestimates due to testing changes Dec 2021.
  • Hospitalization and death rates held steady among First Nations as of Mar 20, 2022. Ontario is no longer tracking this metric, using numbers per 100,000 people instead of % of cases due to inaccuracy of case number data.

Download the full PDF report here: COVID Testing Report #99

Download the Health Sector Communique: 22-04-11 Health Sector Communique

Download the COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Tests: How to Collect Sample Oral Nasal: COVID-19RapidAntigenTests-HowtoCollectaSample Oral Nasal