Welcome to The Fundamentals of OCAP®

The First Nations Information Governance Centre (FNIGC) is pleased to offer The Fundamentals of OCAP®, an online training course developed in partnership with Algonquin College Corporate Training.

This self-guided course takes learners through seven modules that are designed to introduce the fundamental concepts of OCAP®, information governance, and First Nations data sovereignty.

Through the use of historical and contemporary examples learners will discover: why OCAP® is needed, how it can be applied in real life, the barriers to–and the levers for–the implementation of OCAP®, and the future of OCAP®.

Each module takes approximately 40 minutes to complete. Learners will be quizzed during each module, at the completion of each module, and at the conclusion of the course. Learners must get a score of 80% or higher on the final knowledge test to successfully complete the course.

A statement of achievement will be sent to all learners who successfully complete their course.

How to Register

To register for The Fundamentals of OCAP® click on the “Register Now” button below. The fee is $249 (plus GST/HST) and can be paid by credit card.

Algonquin College Corporate Training processes all registrations for the course on the 20th of each month. This means if you want to start the course in June, your deadline to register is May 20th.

To arrange group registrations (10 or more) please contact us at ocap@fnigc.ca, or at 613-733-1916 (ext. 1340) or toll-free at 1-866-997-6248.

Register here: https://fnigc.ca/ocap-training/take-the-course/register-now/.

For more information, please visit: https://fnigc.ca/ocap-training/take-the-course/