You are invited to submit a proposal for a project by the Chiefs of Ontario to utilize your consultation expertise to a study that identifies all steps and costs, safety, and operational requirements associated with the establishment of a First Nation human trafficking safe house in the Greater Toronto area for women, girls, and children.

See PDF here: Request for Proposals – Feasibility Study Human Trafficking October 16 2019

Please replicate this to the front of your proposal.


Submission Deadline:  November 7, 2019 AT 11:30AM Eastern Standard Time (EST)

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Send Proposal to:

Social Services Department, Attn: Ruby Miller, Social Services Director & Fallon Andy, Social Policy Analyst
Chiefs of Ontario
468 Queen St. E – Suite 400
Toronto, ON M5A 1T7

A proposal must be submitted as a PDF file to Chiefs of Ontario with two (2) hard copies of the proposals to be shipped to the Chiefs of Ontario. The proposal must be received by Chiefs of Ontario no later than the deadline date. A proposal submitted in any other manner or late may be disqualified.

The proposal shall be irrevocably open for acceptance and binding on the Consultant for fourteen (14) days after the Submission Deadline date.


Reporting to the Policy Analyst and Social Services Director, the Consultant will lead the project and analysis guided by OCAP© principles to examine the housing market in Toronto and the required steps for First Nations to establish a safe house. The consultant will be responsible for researching, evaluating, and costing the establishment of a safe house based on serving 5 clients and housing availability in the Greater Toronto Area (multiplex, low rise building, etc). This analysis of options will be utilized to create funding for establishment and operations bench marks for the Chiefs of Ontario to advocate for funding.

Objectives and Key Deliverables:

All deliverables are weighted for the amount of time the consultant should be spending on each component. The objectives of The Study are to:

  • (2%) Rationalize for the urgent need of establishment of a Safe House – Short literature review
  • (30%) List of step by step requirements to establishing a safe house in the GTA, including: Toronto Housing requirements, Housing Organization Chart, Costing of each permit, etc.
  • (30%) Operations Options, including: Cost analysis of outright purchase and ownership of a potential 5 bedroom property in the GTA and Cost analysis for the leasing of a GTA property with 5 bedrooms.
  • (30%) Provide an analysis of the required costs for operations management to run the safe house in the GTA including a labor and utilities expense sheet.
  • (7%) Provide an analysis of the required services for human trafficking survivors, inclusive of Safety services, list and cost these requirements.
  • (1%) Provide recommendations

The consultant will lead research and writing of the key project deliverables, including the following key deliverables:


  • Utilize current available data on violence against Indigenous women, Missing and Murdered Indigenous women and girls to create the rationale for why the safe house is required to improve outcomes and the safety and wellbeing of Indigenous women.

List of step by step requirements to establishing a safe house in the GTA

  • Toronto Housing requirements, inclusive of costing, zoning, permitting, licencing, and financing options
    • List and describe all of the required zoning bylaws that affect the establishment of the safe house, and illustrate the required steps needed to change the zoning and to what is the appropriate zoning.
    • List any and all required permits needed to apply for with the City of Toronto, Ontario, and Canada to secure the establishment of the safe house. Identify & research appropriate permit applications and attach as appendix into report.
  • Housing Organization Chart, this is the step by step requirements of establishment.
    • Drawing upon the analysis and research completed to inform the Housing Organization Chart, a visualization (data visualization, organization chart) is requested to describe and illustrate each step required to establish the safe house.
  • A hard copy of the Final Report will be submitted to the Chiefs of Ontario, along with a final presentation to Political Confederacy.


The Consultant will provide in their proposal, a detailed work plan that accounts for all parts as identified above. Upon the successfully awarded contract the contract will work with Policy Analyst to finalize the work plan. The final report will ensure that the costs and practical next steps are thoroughly evaluated to provide a roadmap for the establishment of a safe house. Additionally, OCAP principles will be implemented and respected in the study. The Consultant will provide the draft sections to gather feedback from Policy Analyst and Social Director via teleconference in an ongoing basis and prior to the final report.

Working Relationship

  • This contract will be supervised by the Chiefs of Ontario’s Social Services Director.
  • The Consultant will work independently with regular meetings with the Policy Analyst and Director.

Date  and Milestones

  • November 7, 2019 Deadline for submission of proposals
  • November 12, 2019 Notification of successful proposals and determine initial meeting with Social Services Sector
  • Meeting regularly and as needed Consultant will meet with Policy Analyst and Social Director regularly and as needed
  • April 2020 Draft Study will be reviewed by the First Nation Women Chiefs Caucus and the Chiefs Committee on Social. The two will provide feedback as required. Should there be major revisions the feedback loop will go as follows:
  • Review/Discuss/Edit – April 10, 2020
  • Final & Approve – April 20, 2020
  • May 2020 to June 2020 All Ontario Chiefs Assembly in June 2020


The Consultant should provide information on their professional resources proposed for this project. COO would like to know the following information:

  • The Consultant must provide their curriculum vitae (CV), a list of publications and/or a sample of a previous report, and a minimum of one reference from a similar project completed in the last 3 years. Each team member must provide their curriculum vitae (CV).

The Consultant is to complete the Fee Schedule as fully as possible by replicating the table below in your proposal. Each professional on the team should be itemized within the schedule. Do not include HST in fees

Receipt of Proposals

Packages to be clearly marked: “RFP: Economist for Human Trafficking Safe House Feasibility Study” by November 7, 2019 AT 11:30AM Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Submit electronically to Social Services Department at and CC:  .  Submissions received after the stated deadline will not be accepted.