(Toronto, ON, May 11, 2020) – Please find a statement following regarding the Ontario Regional Chief RoseAnne Archibald’s support for the recent call by the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN), for First Nations to be included in federal pandemic planning meetings:

“I support the call by Regional Chief Cameron and the FSIN for full inclusion of First Nations in any planning meetings and decision making that directly impacts First Nations. Unfortunately, First Nation voices have been excluded from these conversations.

The Government of Canada must not erode the many positive actions and efforts it’s made to assist First Nations during the COVID-19 pandemic by continued exclusion from decision making, which directly impacts First Nations. We’re seeing and experiencing the gaps that exist, but it would be of benefit and easier for all if we were there at the table to address these before we have to try to go back and fix them.

Moving forward, we propose the following two items, first, for First Nations to be represented at the decision making tables and second, for First Nations to be part of more detailed briefings on pandemic planning.

The federal government, which has shown responsiveness, flexibility and cooperative nature in addressing the pandemic should very well be able to include First Nations in any decision making and planning. As has been shared many times – Nothing about us, without us.”


Ontario Regional Chief RoseAnne Archibald


The Chiefs of Ontario is a political forum and a secretariat for collective decision making, action, and advocacy for the 133 First Nation communities located within the boundaries of the province of Ontario, Canada. Follow the Chiefs of Ontario on Facebook or Twitter @ChiefsOfOntario.

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