You are invited to submit a proposal for a project by the Chiefs of Ontario (COO) to utilize your research expertise and economic expertise to create an Early Learning and Child Care Report that analyzes the existing landscape of early learning and child care programming and services in Ontario for First Nations children 0-6 years old. The Report requires your team to provide recommendations for service and program integration and alignment, capital investment, and policy gaps to achieve a strengthened Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) sector for First Nations children.

Submission Deadline:  January 31, 2021 AT 11:30AM Eastern Standard Time (EST)

A proposal must be submitted as a PDF file to Chiefs of Ontario with five (5) hard copies of the proposals to be shipped to the Chiefs of Ontario. The proposal must be received by the Chiefs of Ontario no later than the deadline date. A proposal submitted in any other manner or late may be disqualified. The proposal shall be irrevocably open for acceptance and binding for twenty-eight (28) days after the Submission Deadline date.

The interested candidate’s proposal must include the following:

  • a demonstration of their knowledge of and analysis of government funding structures, and needs-based costing
  • description of work with First Nations, if any
  • candidate’s plan to undertake the components of the work plan, including who to contact to reach the stated objectives within the given timeframe
  • a proposed budget for the completion of the work

View full Request for Proposal here: