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Toronto, Ontario – The Chiefs of Ontario expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of attention paid to First Nation’s citizens and their issues during last night’s televised all-Parties-debate.

“Our issues should be issues of concern to all Ontarians, not just First Nations. We want to ensure the prosperity, health and well-being of our communities, just as everyone else strives for a better life for their children and families” stated Ontario Regional Chief Angus Toulouse.

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“On behalf of the Chiefs of Ontario, I offer my sincere condolences to the family, friends, and supporters of Mr. Jack Layton as they grieve his untimely passing. He was a passionate and wise man who advocated tirelessly for the rights of First Nations Peoples. Mr. Layton would consistently call attention to the poverty experienced by First Nations communities and the need to take concrete action to address this problem.

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The Chiefs of Ontario supported by Ministry of Children and Youth Services is developing a youth led First Nations Youth Engagement Policy and Framework. The Policy and Framework will identify and determine how First Nation youth are meaningfully engaged in the planning and decision-making that will impact them. A series of youth led Youth Forums are taking place in five communities in the region, including three First Nation host communities.

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What’s the Indigenous Youth Engagement Policy Workbook about?

To provide background information on the Youth Engagement Policy Forum Project and to update youth on its current status.

The workbook also asks Ontario First Nation Youth focused questions that will help the Youth Planning Team begin the task of developing the framework for the Youth Engagement Policy initiative.


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Toronto, ON — The Supreme Court of Canada released their decisions today on long awaited cases — Bastien v. Canada and Dubé v. Canada —both cases involved First Nations citizens — Rolland Bastien and Alexandre Dubé — who had deposited money in Casse Populaire bank branches on the Wendake and Mashteuiatsh reserves respectively and had earned interest which Revenue Canada assessed as taxable income.