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Toronto (Dec 2, 2016)  --- Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day says that the Chiefs of Ontario stand in solidarity with the survivors of the Sixties Scoop class action suit against the federal government and will continue to support and help move the case forward until there is full reconciliation and satisfaction for the survivors.

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Toronto, ON (Dec 1, 2016)  --- World AIDS Day is a day dedicated to commemorate those who have passed on and to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and the global spread of the HIV virus, particularly within the Indigenous communities.

Ottawa, ON (Nov 30, 2016) --- Ontario Regional Chief says today’s hearing to support Chippewas of the Thames’ fight against the approval of Line 9 is an opportunity for the Supreme Court to reaffirm Indigenous Treaty rights and an assurance that Canada must uphold its constitutional duty to consult First Nations.

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Toronto, ON (Nov 29, 2016)  --- “Today’s report by Auditor General Michael Ferguson is just another sad confirmation that First Nation peoples are being held hostage by a broken bureaucracy – fueled by a lack of political will - that only serves to perpetuate poverty and despair,” said Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day.

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TORONTO (Nov 25, 2016) – Over the past four days, the Chiefs of Ontario gathered in Toronto for their annual fall assembly which focused on the nation-to-nation and government-to-government relationship with the Province of Ontario. Topics included poverty reduction; ending boil water advisories; improving child welfare legislation; and revising the Police Services Act to modernize First Nation policing.