On August 19, 2019, Canada approved a nationwide Class Action Settlement to compensate claimants to harms suffered while attending federally established, operated, maintained, and controlled Day Schools. 

Chiefs of Ontario have supported the compensation of survivors since 2011 with Resolution #11/13, Unified Support For Day School Class Action. Additionally, on June 7, 2021, Grand Chief Joel Abram sent a letter to the Attorney General of Canada and Class Counsel for the Plaintiffs, Gowlings LLP, highlighting urgent administration concerns with the day school settlement. The letter addressed many concerns regarding the application process, trauma-informed processes and the option to change application levels, record searches, and the need for increased emotional support. Lastly, the letter addressed the issue of cut-off dates and the discrimination inherent in this approach. 

Chiefs of Ontario have received several inquiries on the application process and would like to highlight important contact information. Please review the below if you are seeking further information:

Gowlings LLP is the Class Counsel and the lawyers for Day School survivors. Their legal services to survivors are free of charge.
Email: dayschools@gowlingwlg.com
Toll-free: 1 (844) 539-3815.

Deloitte are the Administrators who process claims according to the settlement agreement.
Email: indiandayschools@deloitte.ca 
Fax: 416-366-1102 
Mail: Indian Day Schools Class Action Claims Administrator, c/o Deloitte. PO Box 1775, Toronto, ON, M5C 0A2, Canada

Please also be advised that there are scams on social media regarding Day School recipients. Please be alert to scams. If you have any concerns about whether something is legitimate, you may want to raise those concerns with Gowlings LLP or Deloitte. 

It is possible for Day School survivors to hire their own individual lawyers. The court has made rules about those arrangements that the individual lawyers must follow. One of the rules is that a retainer agreement must be made and filed. If you are using an individual lawyer, be aware of the rules, and if you have any questions about them, you may want to ask Gowlings LLP or Deloitte.