Chiefs of Ontario – Canada Water Agency Pre-Engagement Sessions 

Although the period for public consultation closed on March 1, 2021, direct engagement with First Nations is at its beginning stage. Environment and Climate Change Canada has agreed to provide funding to the Chiefs of Ontario for a series of online pre-engagement information sessions and workshops to assist First Nations in making informed recommendations regarding

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Environmental Regulatory and Capacity Gap Project

The federal government has recognized for a number of years that most First Nations do not benefit from the same level of environmental protection as other communities in Canada. There are two components: Regulatory gap: there are limited environmental laws and regulations that apply to reserve lands compared to a typical provincial regime; and Capacity

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Federal Environmental Funding for First Nations

This document only includes open programming and was last updated in September 2021. Please contact program leads directly for more information. Please note, the attached funding placemat provides an overview of current and open funding opportunities. This document is not intended to be comprehensive of all federal funding sources, and other federal funding opportunities not

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COO Environment Quarterly Newsletter – 3rd Edition

Foreword – Environment Director “Sheko:lih and welcome to the third edition of the Chiefs of Ontario’s Environment Newsletter.  Fall has arrived, and with this comes a love of the land in sustaining us by harvesting gardens, hunting and gathering foods for the colder months ahead.   In this quarterly newsletter, the Environment team will provide several

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Assembly of First Nations National Climate Change Strategy Survey

In July 2019, the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) declared a First Nations Climate Emergency, recognizing that “…climate change constitutes a state of emergency for our lands, waters, animals, and peoples.” Resolution 05/2019 laid out some immediate steps for AFN to plan a National Climate Gathering and develop a National Climate Strategy. Why this survey?

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Environment Quarterly Newsletter – Apr/May/June 2021

Welcome to the second edition of the Environment Quarterly Newsletter! Sheko:lih and welcome to the second edition of the Chiefs of Ontario Environment Newsletter. Spring is finally here, the buds are on the trees, and the wild leeks and fiddleheads are poking through the ground.  With springtime comes new growth and beginnings and I am

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Ontario Regional Chief RoseAnne Archibald Marks Earth Day and Great Lakes Day

(Taykwa Tagamou Nation Territory ON, April 22, 2021) – On April 22, Earth Day and Great Lakes Day, the Ontario Regional Chief, RoseAnne Archibald, asks everyone to collectively give thanks to Mother Earth and reflect upon the essential role we all play in protecting and preserving our land, waters, air, and natural resources. “Today, April

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Canada Should Strive for More on World Water Day: Marking Five Years of Ongoing First Nations Water Crisis

By Amanda Klasing, Human Rights Watch and Kathleen Padulo, Chiefs of Ontario Where would we be without water to drink, to wash and cook with, and to keep us healthy and alive? Water is essential. But as we mark another World Water Day, many First Nations communities in Canada still don’t have access to safe

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Environment Quarterly Newsletter – Jan/Feb/Mar 2021

Welcome to the first edition of the Environment Quarterly Newsletter! Shekoli and welcome to the first edition of the Chiefs of Ontario Environment Newsletter. The COVID-19 pandemic has made sweeping changes to our daily lives and transformed the way we connect with one another. Despite many challenges and setbacks, First Nations across the region continue

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Appointment Opportunity: Commissioner and Director, Office of the Commissioner of Indigenous Languages

This Notice of Appointment Opportunity will soon be available online in the following languages: Inuktitut (North Baffin); Michif Cree; Michif French; Western Ojibway; Plains Cree; Oji-Cree; Dene; Innu and Mi’kmaq. There may be changes to this Notice of Appointment Opportunity following the conclusion of ongoing consultations on implementation of the Indigenous Languages Act. The Indigenous Languages Act establishes

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