A call for proposals is now open to support capacity-building in relation to An Act respecting First Nations, Inuit and Métis children, youth and families for fiscal year 2021-2022. Funding is available to Indigenous Peoples, communities, and groups as they begin work to develop their own legislation and explore Indigenous-led models for child and family services. Specifically, this funding is intended to support:

  • exploring readiness to exercise jurisdiction; and
  • developing Indigenous child and family services legislation, systems, and programs prior to entering into coordination agreement discussions pursuant to section 20(2) of the federal Act.

Please see list of eligible activities and information about funding levels below. For detailed information about the call for proposals, please visit: www.sac-isc.gc.ca/eng/1612285531713/1612285570871.

If you would like to access this funding, please email a proposal and a detailed budget to: sac.sefreforme-cfsreform.isc@canada.ca and marissa.owen@canada.ca. You may use the Project or Work Plan Funding Application (PDF), or, alternately, you may use your own proposal template in Microsoft Word or Excel format. If the proposal is multi-year, please make sure that your budget includes clear costing for each year. Funding may be allocated on a yearly basis.

The deadline for this round of applications is May 28, 2021; however, please know that there will be additional, regular calls for proposals to access capacity-building funding over the next five years.

Eligible Activities:

  • community self-assessment;
  • community engagement, including engaging community stakeholders and community members in the drafting, revision, or finalization of child and family services legislation or culturally-appropriate programs
  • planning, including the strategic planning for transition toward and transfer of child and family services jurisdiction;
  • research, including research and development of child and family services models and feasibility studies
  • child and family services program development;
  • drafting of child and family services legislation and policies;
  • data gathering;
  • professional consulting fees, including expert advice;
  • policy development activities;
  • legislation development, including hiring professionals to assist in legislation development;
  • travel and accommodations;
  • communications;
  • IT systems design; and
  • hardware and software needed to support data collection, analysis and reporting.


Maximum funding levels per year
  Geographic location  
Urban Remote  
Indigenous communities
(typically under 1,500 people)
$250,000 $300,000  
Indigenous communities
(typically over 1,500 people)
$550,000 $650,000  
Indigenous groups representing multiple communities, council of the band, etc. $1,000,000 $1,200,000  
Large organizations on a Treaty or a regional or provincial scale, Inuit Land Claims Organization, Métis Federation, etc. $1,750,000 $2,000,000  

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