Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) – Ontario Region is pleased to announce its call for proposals for the Community Opportunity Readiness Program – Prioritization Framework (CORP-PF), for fiscal year 2021-2022.

The CORP-PF is a national initiative within the Community Opportunity Readiness Program of Indigenous Services Canada that considers major resource projects in excess of $250,000. It was developed to increase economic development by providing proposal based financial support to First Nation communities to assist in their pursuit of, and participation in, economic opportunities. Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) assesses proposals based on their immediate or future ability to attract private sector funding, and those that will have the greatest impact on their community.

Although the initial application is due by January 5, 2021, final completed applications with all supporting documentation (i.e. business plans, feasibility studies, CBV, etc.) are due by February 1, 2021. This is in order to complete the screening and ranking of projects nationally to be considered for the first intake.

Enclosed is a list of economic development officers, I encourage you to contact the officer assigned to your community or organization. They are available to provide support in any initiative you are considering. You are also encouraged to share the information provided here with anyone who may not have received this e-mail.

For further information including FAQs and key dates for the Community Opportunities Readiness Program (CORP) please refer to the CORP Program Guidelines and the CORP Shovel Ready Checklist or use the following link:

Read more about the Community Opportunity Readiness Program here: CORP PF 2021-2022 Call letter PPCPE

Please see the application here: CORP 2021-2022 Application

Please see EDO Contact Information here: LED – EDO Community Contact List

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Natalie Pennefather or Sunil Bajaj, Manager, Economic Development Programs at (647) 920-9516 or by email at


Natalie Pennefather
I/Director, Lands & Economic Development
Ontario Region
655 Bay Street, 3rd Floor