This Notice of Appointment Opportunity will soon be available online in the following languages: Inuktitut (North Baffin); Michif Cree; Michif French; Western Ojibway; Plains Cree; Oji-Cree; Dene; Innu and Mi’kmaq.

There may be changes to this Notice of Appointment Opportunity following the conclusion of ongoing consultations on implementation of the Indigenous Languages Act.

The Indigenous Languages Act establishes the Office of the Commissioner of Indigenous Languages which is composed of a full-time Commissioner, and up to three full-time Directors who represent the interests of First Nations, the Inuit and the Métis.

The Office has the mandate and powers to: support the efforts of Indigenous Peoples to reclaim, revitalize, maintain and strengthen their languages, including sign languages; provide culturally appropriate dispute resolution services and review complaints; promote public awareness of the richness and diversity of Indigenous peoples; undertake research studies collaboratively with Indigenous peoples; and provide an annual report on the use and vitality of Indigenous languages in Canada and the adequacy of funding provided by the Government of Canada for initiatives related to Indigenous languages.

Acknowledging that Indigenous peoples are best situated to lead the efforts in reclaiming, revitalizing, maintaining and strengthening their languages, the Office will play a role in facilitating self-determined language initiatives rather than leading efforts in this regard.

The Commissioner of Indigenous Languages acts as a national champion for Indigenous languages by leading the independent Office of the Commissioner of Indigenous Languages and working with Indigenous Peoples, their governments, other governing bodies, communities and organizations, the Government of Canada, Canada’s provinces and territories, and all Canadians in common purpose to support the Indigenous peoples in reclaiming, revitalizing, maintaining and strengthening their Indigenous languages, including Indigenous sign languages.

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